Looking for something different to do? This park and glide Segway tour ticks all the boxes 5 years ago

Looking for something different to do? This park and glide Segway tour ticks all the boxes

Well...that weekend was ridiculously beautiful! The sun was shining, spirits were up... and we were gliding through the Phoenix Park in Dublin.

Yes, you heard us right...we were gliding! On a Segway would you believe?

The Castleknock Hotel in Dublin is right on the edge of Phoenix Park and their new 'Park and Glide' package is now offering a very unique experience.

The four-star hotel has teamed up with CP Adventure to offer a hotel break with a difference this spring.

Whizzing through the park on a guided Segway tour you'll discover some of Dublin's most famous landmarks, hidden treasures, and secret stories.

When you're all Segway'd out you can return to the hotel and enjoy a beautiful dinner while relaxing with drinks.

We have to say, we were very much looking forward to the dinner and the drinks... Segways, not so much.

It turns out Segways are INSANELY FUN.

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We're always looking for city breaks with an edge, or a fun way to explore our surroundings and this certainly ticks all the boxes.

The hotel staff and Segway experts are incredibly welcoming and you're getting bank for your buck in terms of good clean fun and great experiences.

The hotel itself is situated on pretty spectacular grounds, you would hardly believe that you're just 30 minutes outside Dublin City Centre.

Every group we encountered had their own tale to tell, whether it was nearly careening into a ditch (she didn't) or chasing after a rogue Segway (she did).

This truly is an unforgettable experience, we are now attempting to pool our resources and buy our very own Segways. Only €7,000 or so to purchase...bargain.

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