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02nd Jun 2018

How to have a truly memorable family holiday… on a budget: 6 must-read tips

It doesn't have to break the bank!


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It doesn’t have to break the bank.

Family holidays are a great way for the whole clan to relax, unwind, and just enjoy each other’s company – especially when everyone is so busy these days.

However, if the thought of paying for a week away in the sun is making you break into a cold sweat, fear not! Because there are lots of little things you can do to help save a bit of dosh.

Here are our top six tips for a money-savvy family trip.

1) Avoid peak times

Obviously, if your little ones aren’t at school yet then book your holiday during term time. Flights and accommodation are much cheaper during quiet periods and you’ll beat the crowds too. And even if you are constrained to school holiday periods, play around with departing mid-week and be prepared to arrive earlier or later in the day.

2) Book big days out in advance

If you’re planning on going to any big theme parks or water parks during your family trip it’s usually cheaper to book these tickets in advance online. Most places will offer discounted family tickets and they might even have a sale before you go so keep your eyes peeled for deals.

3) Travel light

If you decide to go abroad be ruthless with your packing. We know it’s easier said than done when you’ve small ones, but do the kids really need three different hoodies? Do they definitely require multiple changes of shoes? If you’re only going for a few days try to just take hand luggage. It means you won’t have to wait around at the baggage carousel too.

4) Pack snacks

Airports are seriously expensive, especially when you have a few hungry mouths to feed. Avoid forking out extortionate prices and bring a packed lunch to the airport instead. Don’t forget some nibbles for the plane too.

5) Book a home away from home 

Instead of booking a hotel room book a small apartment or Airbnb. Having your own washing machine (see No3 above!) and kitchen can be very handy and are a great way to save some cash. Search in advance and simply hit the supermarket for basics and supplies once you arrive.

6) Shop around for insurance

Doing your research can really pay off when it comes to travel insurance. Thankfully, there are lots of great comparison sites online. If you’re planning on going on a few trips in 2018/19  it might be worth buying an annual policy. If not, you can usually get single trip coverage from as little as a tenner per person.

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