One third of Irish couples would consider bringing family on their honeymoon 1 year ago

One third of Irish couples would consider bringing family on their honeymoon

Don't think it would be me, to be honest.

According to recent research when it comes to the honeymoon some couples are very much of the opinion that the more the merrier.

The study revealed that a third (35 per cent) would consider bringing their family along for a ‘familymoon’.

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With wedding season in full swing, research carried out by Emirates Holidays has revealed that couples in Ireland splash out 67% more money on their honeymoon (€5,985) than they do on a regular holiday (€3,580).

On average, they spend 8 hours 37 minutes planning their honeymoon.


It also found that future brides and grooms could start to honeymoon ‘en famille’ – with a third of couples revealing that they would bring their children, grandparents and extended family along on a ‘familymoon’.

Now I put the carriage before the horse (as my grandmother would say) and had my first child before I was married. Now while my son was well and truly here and taking on page boy duties come the time I was planning my honeymoon, we still arranged for him to stay with his grandparents so we could enjoy some time to ourselves.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, 34 per cent said they would consider the new trend of the ‘solomoon’, whereby newlyweds travel alone to different destinations so they can experience a honeymoon each which I also don't understand.

What do you think? Would you consider doing any of these or would you stick to a traditional honeymoon?