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27th Oct 2021

Painting with cars might just be the most perfect rainy afternoon activity ever

Trine Jensen-Burke

painting with cars

Looking for screen-free ways to keep the kids busy on days when it’s just too wet to leave the house?

We hear you – and as we are currently having a rather wet midterm week, we are always grateful for any new ways to keep them from climbing the walls on days when we are all stuck inside.

Which is why we are loving this easy – yet bound to go down a storm – activity we just came across on Pinterest the other day.

And while it can be a little bit messy (do it on the bathroom floor, maybe?) we reckon every child will forget all about iPads and Netflix for a while and get stuck in:

Painting with cars


  1. Craft paints
  2. Little toy cars (I’m sure you have loads of those, I know I sure do)
  3. Craft paper or poster board
  4. Tape


1. Tape down a piece of paper or cardboard to the floor

2. Place several dabs of paint onto the paper or cardboard (I tried placing the blobs randomly with lots of different colours)

3. Let the kids drive their cars all over it