Parenting expert gives top tips to make travelling with kids much easier 1 week ago

Parenting expert gives top tips to make travelling with kids much easier

Travelling with kids can be a stressful experience for parents from the minute you leave the house until you arrive at your destination.

Whether you're heading away on a plane this summer and have to trapse through the airport, or have a long drive ahead of you, kids can be challenging travel buddies.

They can quickly become restless when they're being asked to stay strapped in on a plane or in a car for long periods of time, so we have some advice that could help you.

The experts at have listed some top tips to help you along the way this summer:

Kids travelling in the car Credit: Getty Images
  1. If you're traveling with toddlers or young children, you should book an early morning departure. These give you the best chance of avoiding delays at takeoff and landing
  2. Watch a Let's Go Play video on YouTube, which goes over the entire flight experience, from baggage check-in and ticketing to onboard etiquette and safety - so they know what to expect
  3. When flying with a toddler, a wrapped new toy has two advantages: Kids love to unwrap stuff, and a new toy has more attention-grabbing pull
  4. To guard against over-packing while ensuring you don't forget anything critical, consider writing out a full packing list. Star or highlight those items that will need to be packed last minute
  5. When you pack, make sure items that need to be removed during security are easily accessible. Keep in mind that traveling with snacks may mean extra scrutiny during the screening process
  6. Your little one may have moved beyond Pull-Ups into big kid underwear, but pull-up diapers are a great resource when flying with a recently potty-trained toddler or young child


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