The taxman is coming after your Airbnb earnings 7 years ago

The taxman is coming after your Airbnb earnings

If you've been earning extra income by renting out part of your home to Airbnb guests, you could be about to receive a rather large tax bill. 

The website, which allows travellers to rent accommodation from local hosts in more than 190 countries, is about to hand over client details for 9,000 Irish properties listed on the site to the Revenue Commissioners.

A meeting will be held tonight at the company's Dublin headquarters in Ringsend after a statement confirmed Airbnb has been "working with Revenue Commissioners" for a number of months and agrees that there is a legal requirement "to report earnings" of individual users.

Accepting Airbnb guests does not qualify a homeowner for the rent-a-room relief scheme, under which families can earn up to €12,000 tax free. The scheme is designed to accommodate long-term renters rather than holiday guests.

Once the details of the Airbnb clients are handed over, the Revenue is expected to seek income tax dating back to 2014.

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