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02nd May 2019

Apparently these are the top ten most common items lost in Dublin Airport

Olivia Hayes


No matter if you’re going near or far (where eveeeeeer you are), it’s always such a buzz to head away on holiday. If you’ve already been on one, we’re super jealous of you… and if you’re going on one soon, we’re also super jealous of you.

However, as much as excitement builds in the lead up to a holiday, so does stress.

Have you packed everything you need? Will you be on time for your flight? What about airport transfers?

And then lost items.

It can happen to the best of us. You get home from your holiday, you’re about to hop into the car… and then you can’t find your keys.

Or what about that watch you were wearing when you first went away and now it’s nowhere to be seen?

A lot of items are lost in the airport every year, and the Maldron Hotel at Dublin Airport has just revealed the most common items that are misplaced.

10. Key

9. Debit/Credit Card

8. Phone

7. ID/Passport

6. Bag

5. Clothing

4. Glasses

3. Electronics

2. Watches

1. Jewellery

It’s a nightmare when you lose anything, especially something important to you, and it’s safe to say it only adds to the stress of going away on holiday (a cheeky cocktail by the pool will always be a great stress reliever though).

If you have fallen victim to losing items, you’ll need to act quickly to get them back. Anything found in Dublin Airport is handed over the the airport police and they keep it for two months and then dispose of it.

Your best bet for getting anything back is to report the item missing by filling out a form on the Dublin Airport website. When you fill out all the details and register the item, the airport police will contact you and help you out in the best way they can.