This gorgeous city has been named the cheapest in Europe for a getaway 3 years ago

This gorgeous city has been named the cheapest in Europe for a getaway

Dreaming of a weekend break but flat broke?

Eastern European cities are always brilliant for budget getaways and we've just come across a new one to add to your bucket list of destinations.

Vilnius has just been named as the cheapest place in Europe for a city break.

The Lithuanian capital came out on top (or maybe bottom?) in the City Costs Barometer report.

Compiled by the Post Office in the UK, this index adds up the costs of a two-night stay at a three-star hotel and prices for things like three-course dinner, a glass of wine and entry to an art gallery.

The cost of a weekend in Vilnius came in at €170.43 (£147.35).

As well as being cheap, the city also looks pretty gorgeous.


Vilnius is a medieval city home to just over half a million people.

It's a chilly spot for a winter break but visitors may find it preferable to other eastern European destinations in the summer as temperatures rarely reach higher than the mid to late twenties between June and September.

The city is a haven for architecture buffs and anyone with a penchant for history, especially World War Two and the Holocaust.

Sadly, there are no direct flights to Vilnius from Ireland but you can get there via London and other European cities.

The Serbian capital of Belgrade was named the second cheapest for a weekend break, followed by Warsaw, Istanbul, Bucharest and Porto.