Book your 2018 family holiday at THIS time to get the best value 5 years ago

Book your 2018 family holiday at THIS time to get the best value

Summer 2018.

Now that winter has well and truly arrived, one way to distract yourself from just how cold your feet are is thinking about next summer.

This is one daydream we'll never get tired of and thanks to some new research, there's a way we might be able to save some money on the next trip.

When it comes to planning a break, we tend to let our bank balances dictate when to book but unsurprisingly, there's a more specific way to go about this.

According to recent research compiled by, booking on a particular date and time could help you make major savings on your next holiday.

The findings were compiled by looking at the times and dates that flights and prices increased/decreased and included 100 million fares and 1,704 worldwide routes.

Researchers found that on average, booking 60 days ahead of your flight date will give you the best possible price.


The best time day to jet off is a Tuesday and if you're looking for the cheapest time of day to fly, the evening is said to be a good bet.

You'll save 8 percent by flying on a Tuesday instead of a Saturday which is the most expensive day to fly, as you've probably guessed.

People often prefer to fly in the morning as you get the most from your holiday and avoid 'wasting a day' as it's often referred to but the budget-friendly factor might change that preference.

Choosing an evening flight instead of an early-morning departure could save you up to 7 percent and excuse us because we're off to plan a break based on these tips...