Top tips for a stress-free flight (with a toddler in tow) 4 years ago

Top tips for a stress-free flight (with a toddler in tow)

Flying with a toddler doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are a few handy tips for getting through the airport and on that flight with ease.

Make your holiday feel like a break from the get-go with our simple tips:

1. Allow plenty of time before your flight departs

We know this may sound straightforward, but remember you have to factor in toilet breaks or nappy changes, and snack stops by the time you even get to the gate. Make the whole experience before you board a relaxed adventure from the start.

2. Use the lifts throughout the airport as much as you can

Make it as easy as possible for yourselves and little legs.

3. Take your buggy to the aircraft steps

Be warned, you will most likely need to break it down at security so make sure you have your arms free if you need to carry a little one. Then, leave the buggy at the aircraft steps, where it will be put into the hold. Ask before you fly if the buggy comes out on the carousel or at the aircraft when you land as you might have a bit of a walk before it’s retrieved.


4. Always use a backpack instead of a shoulder bag

You need two hands free at all times, for all eventualities.

5. Put all your baby supplies in just one bag

This can be handed to the security officers for checking through without unnecessary hold-ups and questions. Make sure to let airport security know if the bag contains baby liquids and foods.

6. Prepare baby or toddler foods and bottles in advance

Bring a thermal cover for bottles, baby feeding utensils, and lots of baby wipes. Be sure to bring enough nappies and food to last you through the day, taking weather delays into account.

7. Do you have a young baby with you?

Try to breastfeed or give a bottle at take-off and landing to encourage relaxation and sucking. Toddlers should be armed with a beaker or something to snack or suck on to help the pressure in their ears.

8. Families are encouraged to board first

However make a call on this. If your toddler is restless, it can be a long time confined while waiting for the rest of the aircraft to board.

9. Only one infant (under two-years-old) is allowed per row

Think ahead if you’ve got twins or two infants. If you’re going to be on two rows, make sure you have enough supplies for each child.

10. Always bring distractions

That means doing your research on non-bulky toys that last longer than a few minutes. Download apps onto your phone or iPad to entertain and educate; consider music in advance, choose tunes to soothe your little one to sleep (headphones essential); or stock up on portable travel games, they’re light and easy to transport.