Travelling with kids on Christmas Day? How to keep the festive spirit going in the car 2 years ago

Travelling with kids on Christmas Day? How to keep the festive spirit going in the car

For those of us heading home or visiting relatives over the holidays, it means a lot of time spent in the car.

Particularly on Christmas Day, it can be hard to feel the festive spirit but there are ways to keep the Christmas cheer going for the duration of your journey.

Below are some of our top tips for keeping the holidays alive while you're Driving Home for Christmas.

Turn up the tunes

Nothing gets you in the Christmas spirit like Christmas music so what better way to keep the holiday spirit going on long trips or journeys?

Create a Christmas playlist or stick on Christmas FM and Jingle Bell Rock it all the way to your destination.

Prepare Christmas packs

Create Christmas packs to keep the kids occupied on the drive. Stick in colouring books, crayons, Christmas hats or crowns and maybe even some of those terrible Christmas cracker jokes.


It'll keep them busy in the back of the car while keeping things festive.

Bring festive snacks

We all love a snack or two during long drives so why not pack some of your favourite holiday treats?

Selection boxes, mince pies, candy canes or maybe even a box of Roses will be a welcome addition to any seasonal travel.

Let the kids have a car pressie

Christmas day spent in the car can be a bit dull for children so why not brighten it up by having one gift for them to open in the car?

Keep aside one of their gifts and surprise them with it during the journey to cheer them up and keep things jolly.

Stick on a Christmas film

If you're going to be in the car for over an hour having a Christmas movie to stick on for the kids is a good idea.

Download a festive favourite to a tablet or other portable device suitable for the children to use in the car and they won't see the hours fly by.