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05th Jul 2017

Jetting off with the kids? Check out this family-friendly airport guide

Travel without the hassle (almost).

Sive O'Brien

If you’re going on a family holiday abroad, lucky you.

Also, check out this child-friendly info from Dublin airport we’ve rounded up to (hopefully) make your journey a little smoother.

Be prepared

If only it was THAT easy, right? I’ve flown with my daughter enough already to know that travelling with a small child is no walk in the park – dawdling down to the gate at snail’s pace; tantrums powerful enough to stop security – however I try my best to be a bit organised before I leave the house, by:

  • Putting my travel docs in one (easily reachable) place.
  • Checking that my hand luggage isn’t too big for me or the airline. (Probably stems from the fear of being made to look like a fool in front of a long line of impatient passengers.)
  • Making sure that everything in my hand luggage can be taken through security. (Again, this probably stems from The Fear.)
  • If I’m not organised enough to do all of the above, the one thing I do ensure is that my daughter’s changing bag is packed with everything she’s going to need for the journey.


Navigating the wilderness of airport security with a child in tow has been made a lot easier thanks to the Family Lanes, which are wide enough for a buggy to fit through and separate from the other passengers queueing to get through security. The added bonus is that, unlike Fastrack, the lanes are free to use (if you are travelling with small children, obviously).

Other stuff you need to know about security:

  • Everything – all carry-on baggage, including all child-related equipment that will fit – must go through the x-ray machine.
  • You’ll need to fold your buggy and place it on the x-ray belt for inspection. Obviously don’t forget to take your baby out of the buggy first; as well as any stuff out of the pockets, baskets, or trays attached to the buggy.
  • You can find out what you can and can’t take through security, here.
  • Everyone, regardless of age (even babies), has to go through the walk-through metal detector.

Baby Changing

A map showing the location of baby changing facilities in Terminal 1 Departures can be found here. A map of Terminal 2 Departures can be found here.


Particularly helpful if you’re travelling alone with children, or if you just need some help, this service offers an extra pair of hands if you are departing out of, or arriving into, Dublin Airport. Find out more here.

Executive lounges (with family rooms)

Both terminals have lounge areas with separate family rooms, where toddlers can play or tantrum away. You pay €19.95 per person, which allows you access to the family room where you’ll find children’s play facilities and a self-service kitchen with drinks and snacks. You can pre-book the lounge or pay at the door.

Travel equipment hire service

From car seats and buggies, to travel cots and highchairs, The Stork Exchange hires all the bulky equipment that a little one might need, but without all the awkwardness of trying to travel with (or without) it. You can read more about it, here.