Wow air just announced a massive 50 percent off Christmas seat sale 3 years ago

Wow air just announced a massive 50 percent off Christmas seat sale

Stunning display.

Got any plans between now and March?

Of course you don't - there's very little happening this month, what else would you be doing other than popping off to Iceland or North America for a bit for a fare that's honesty dirt cheap you may as well, like.

Be a shame not to.

Wow air announced their class 50 percent off Christmas sale today so you can either get yourself a sneaky return flight between now and March, or get someone you love an unbelievable Christmas present.

Either or.

The 50 percent off deal includes a number of unreal destinations including North America and Iceland at a range of different times over the next few months.


However, it is only available from today, Wednesday, 12 December until midnight on Sunday, 16 December using the promo code WOWXMAS, so you'd want to sort yourself out if you'r planning on heading off anywhere.

Svanhvít Fridriksdóttir, Director of Communications at WOW air, said:

“We want to give our Irish customers some festive cheer this Christmas by offering them discounted fares for travel to Iceland and North America.

"Christmas can be a hectic time, so what better way to unwind from the madness than by treating yourself or someone else to a 2019 getaway?”

You can check if your specific destination of choice is included in the deal here.