Mam shares daughter's explicit-looking drawing of guitar 10 months ago

Mam shares daughter's explicit-looking drawing of guitar

Looks like a different instrument altogether...

One little girl's drawing of a "guitar" has gone viral after leaving both her mam and now the internet in stitches.

Jessica Qaos was casually checking her daughter's homework when one particular drawing made her do a double-take.

The drawing was in a poetry workbook where kids were supposed to illustrate rhyming words.

One rhyme said "Car rhymes with..." so her daughter had written "tar" and drew what was supposed to be a guitar – except it didn't quite look like one.

The mam shared a video of the explicit-looking drawing to her TikTok page, where her daughter explains that "guitar rhymes with tar."

"I made it different!" she cries as her mam howls with laughter.

@jessicaqaosThis will never not be funny

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TikTok was more than impressed with the kid's artistic interpretation of a guitar.

"That kid is going places," one commenter wrote.

"The teacher saw that and kept it pushing," another said.

"Apparently I know how to play the guitar," joked another.