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15th Sep 2019

Bump: there’s a new Irish comedy about surrogacy on RTÉ this weekend

Looks promising, this one.

The pilot for a new Irish comedy about surrogacy is airing on RTÉ tonight – and it looks fairly gas, in fairness.

Starring Charlene McKenna, Gemma Leah Devereux and Aoife Duffin, Bump tells the story of two sisters who have been very much at odds since they were young.

Older sister Liz and her fella have been struggling to conceive for quite some time, but rather than let their fertility-based issues get them down, they decide to take the sitch into their own hands – and go about seeking out a surrogate.

The only problem is that they’ve decided on younger sister Ciara to take on the role, despite the fact that she may not exactly be, eh, pregnancy material.

What ensues is a story about family, sacrifice, and trying not to be so much of a mess that your beloved sister can finally start a family.

Bump‘s pilot is part of an RTÉ and Screen Ireland’s showcase initiative to support new and emerging Irish talent.

The episode was directed by Imogen Murphy (Can’t Cope Won’t Cope) and produced by Ruth Carter of Blue Ink Films.

It is written by Dale Longmore and John Quinn in their first scripted commission.

Bump: the pilot airs this Sunday September 15 on RTÉ One at 10.30pm.

You can check out the trailer for the pilot here: