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05th Sep 2019

4 in 10 women will experience hair loss after giving birth — now let’s lessen the panic

Louise Carroll

hair loss

Brought to you by Nourkrin®

For whatever the reasons, women’s hair loss still seems a taboo subject.

With so few willing to talk about it, we’re here to help break the stigma and supply a few facts so fewer women feel alone.

For a start, problems with our health, stress, over-styling, hormones and childbirth can all have a negative effect on our Hair Growth Cycle that in turn can add to excess hair loss, thinning and shedding.

For so many women, this can lead to lower self-confidence, having them feel less feminine and even cause a negative effect on their social life.

While 60 per cent of women overall will experience premature hair loss, it’s common to lose hair after giving birth too. Hair loss after giving birth is called telogen effluvium and it reportedly affects four out of 10 women who have given birth in the previous three months. (HSE)

Some women will notice their hair getting thinner or they might observe more hair coming out compared to usual — all due to changes in hormone levels after giving birth.

New mum, Clair (pictured above) said she used to have amazing hair that was full of life. That was until she reached around the five-month mark after having her son and realised her hair had receded around her forehead, admitting she had been so caught up in taking care of her little one that she sort of let all self-care take a back seat.

She says:

“It hit me rather hard that it had got that bad and I hadn’t even noticed – and that no one had thought to mention it either!

“I’d been aware of the fallen strands that were clinging to my hands and comb every time I washed my hair, and that there was an alarming amount of hair to clean out of the drain, but it wasn’t until I had the chance to spend some quality time on myself and went to do more with my hair than just pull it back into its now-usual ponytail, that I noticed the patches.

“After going into a meltdown and having conversations with friends, a few of my mum-friends confessed that they had also suffered hair loss after their babies, but just didn’t speak about it!

“It was only when a friend who suffered from alopecia herself recommended Nourkrin, that I saw a way to help myself. I started taking the tablets and within a couple of months started to see the first signs that they were working.

“The amount of hair that fell out when I washed was massively less and then I started getting fine, baby hairs growing, which over time have gone on to fill out and become more substantial; I have full regrowth in the areas that had lost hair, and it’s gradually getting longer and will soon be the same length as the rest of my hair.”

With telogen effluvium, new mums will usually find that it resolves itself after three to six months but if you suffer from longer, more prolonged hair growth disruption, you might consider Nourkrin like Clair.

Studies have shown that one of the most effective methods for maintaining strong, healthy hair comes from the inside by using Proteoglycan Replacement Therapy.

Nourkrin is the original hair growth supplement. Having amassed over 30 years of research and development, it is a natural, safe and drug-free way to normalise the Hair Growth Cycle, promoting hair growth and reducing hair shedding.

Nourkrin is also the only hair growth product to contain the unique ingredient Marilex, which contains levels of specific proteoglycans that actually regulate hair follicle functioning.

Clinical studies have shown Nourkrin normalises and restores the Hair Growth Cycle by prolonging the growth (anagen) phase by encouraging dormant hair follicles to re-enter the growth phase, regardless of the initial disruption and hair loss condition and to help promote healthy hair growth.

So, mums. If hair loss has you feeling unlike yourself, if it’s leaving you wishing that you had fuller, healthier-looking locks again, you can indeed take matters into your own hands and see an improvement within the next few months.

Whatever you do, know that there’s no need to panic, it’s perfectly normal and losing hair is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Here’s to all new mums!

Brought to by Nourkrin