Five top apps to keep you happy and healthy 6 years ago

Five top apps to keep you happy and healthy

Clear out some storage space, you never play that game anyway!

We love a good app around here... they help us out, they chill us out, and in general they make us pretty darn 'appy' (sorry).

There's a huge amount of wellbeing and mindfullness apps doing the rounds lately, so much so that we actually find it quite hard to keep track of all the good ones (is there an app for keeping track of apps? PATENT). We wanted to highlight a few that we think are making huge differences to our day to day wellbeing.

  • Waterlogged - Do you drink enough water? We don't either... but this app is helping us on the road to water redemption. The visual cues work great in terms of reaching your goal and there are helpful reminders that keep us on track throughout the day.



  • Sworkit - Stretching is a crucial part of our workout routine. Unfortunately... we sometimes forget (humans). There's a reason why our muscles are so sore... and it's not because our workouts are so BADA** it's probably to do with the lack of stretching. This workout app has a section dedicated entirely to stretching,  it makes it easy to do a full body stretch in just 5 minutes, thumbs up all round.




  • Breathe - I know what you're thinking... we don't need an app to remind us how to breathe, but the fact is life can be hectic and at times throughout the day without realising it, you may actually be forgetting to breathe (not completely... but just deeply and in a soothing manner). This app concentrates on the importance of concentrated breathing and it's a real game changer.



  • Headspace - If you're into mindfullness and meditation then you probably already know this app, we are fully committed to this medidation app that walks you through 10 minute meditations on a daily basis. Honestly, we all have 10 minutes to spare, and we can't hammer home enough how much it helps de-clutter your mind.



  • Live Happy - This app is based on the realms of positive physchology, it prompts you to engage in a range of activities, which research has shown can boost your mood. It focuses on boosting optimum happiness using pyschology rather than focusing on pychological ideas.