Mum calls out the lack of maternity leave in the States with heartbreaking post 9 months ago

Mum calls out the lack of maternity leave in the States with heartbreaking post

"Our children don’t matter."

While in Ireland, like many countries across the globe, maternity leave is just a given, for mums in the United States that's not the case.

Many mums are lucky if they even get a few days maternity leave before they have to go back to work, all while still recovering from childbirth.

One mum took to social media to call out the lack of maternity leave in the United States and honestly it's heartbreaking.


"I’m furious. And you should be too.

Do you see this?
See how tiny my babies are here?
See how much they still need me?
See how I still need them?
See how it rips my heart out of my chest to leave them?
See how my body is still broken from being cut open from bringing these perfect creatures earth side?
See how my breasts swell with milk they need every few hours?
See how they depend on me for their every need?

This. This is how tiny they were when I had to go back to work full time. And I’m one of the “lucky ones” because my employer provided me with paid leave.

Parental leave is not a perk, it’s a necessity.


The only developed country that ignores the needs of not just mothers, but our future.
That tells us we don’t matter.
Our children don’t matter.
That work is more important than family.
That we have to choose, security or dependence."

The mum, who goes by the username ivf_got_twins_plus1 went on to say that she will continue to fight alongside other mothers for maternity leave rights;

"The global average for paid leave is 29 weeks. My own mother returned to work 2 weeks after my sister was born. TWO WEEKS. She wasn’t even cleared to exercise, but had to leave her baby to feed our family.

If you are a woman, love a woman, a son, a father, a husband, a brother, YOU SHOULD BE ANGRY TOO.

Legislators, when are you going to realize we can be even more powerful when we start valuing women, families and children?!

This isn’t over. There are too many of us. We can do this. We can make change. Try and shove us down all you want…

We won’t give up. We will keep coming. We will keep speaking out. We won’t be silenced.

We are worth it. Our children are worth it.

Get mad. And then get motivated."