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09th May 2017

10 GROOMZILLAS that will make you weep for their brides

Louise Carroll

Becoming a bride-to-be has long been associated with potentially developing a bossy attitude and frantic demeanour.

Enter groomzillas! It seems these characteristics aren’t merely assigned to the bride.

Wedding season is well underway with many besotted couples having spent weeks, months or even years planning their nuptials.  Although its a marvellous occasion to be celebrated with friends and family, it can bring out the worst in a spouse to be.

It turns out some men prove to be just as unreasonable and obsessive as the infamous ‘bridezilla.’ When it comes down to the final trimmings of the exuberant day some grooms can’t help but have their nose in everything.

We wanted to gain more insight into whether this is now a very real phenomenon. Bláithín O’Reilly, The Wedding Expert, spoke to Her Family.

“For me [groomzillas] are not a very common occurence but then neither is a bridezilla. I think every couple has their groomzilla or bridezilla moment but they aren’t necessarily like that for the entire time—it can be over something so odd and not even wedding related.”

“One thing I have noticed about grooms in recent years is that they are far more interested in the wedding and in how things will look for their friends and family.”

“The vast majority of grooms are absolutely wonderful—maybe groomzilla is a mean term. We have had grooms call themselves groomzillas, but they certainly weren’t by normal standards at least. They were just lovely people who knew exactly what they wanted and I think because if a man knows what he wants and he’s not afraid to ask for it, people assume he’s a groomzilla.”

Famous groomzillas reportedly include George Clooney and Kanye West—the latter possibly being a great deal more beliveable after he seemingly cut Kim out of the wedding planning entirely.

Whispers found some predominant grooms who are giving bridezillas a run for their money. We compiled a list of the top comments and observations made by their brides-to-be…

1. Fiancé threatens to cancel the wedding because he doesn’t like the bridal hair preview. #Groomzilla

2. My best friend is getting married and I am having a hard time dealing with her groom, all the decisions are his. Never heard of a groomzilla.

3. I’m a girl and I hate how my wedding planning is going. It’s all what he wants. When, where, guests, food, everything. I hate it!


4. People always say bridezilla…my fiancé is turning into a groomzilla but refusing to help plan the wedding. Wtf, man?

5. My fiancé wants our wedding to be ultra cheap and he’s kind of being mean about it. I only get this day once ever.

6. My fiancé is being mean about our wedding set-up. How do I tell him my suggestions count? He’s becoming a groomzilla


7. My fiancé is being such a pain during wedding planning. He’s insisting on coming to my bridal appointment. Like no…you can’t set the dress.

8. If you’re wondering why there’s camo print at my wedding, might I introduce you to my groomzilla?

9. I was a very calm and ‘go with the flow’ bride. Unfortunately I had a groomzilla, mother-of-the-bridezilla, and father-of-the-groomzilla. I should have been more assertive.


10. My fiancé flipped out about the venue, flowers, DJ, harpist…that’s just the main stuff. I left him a month later. Jerk. Grooms make jerk husbands.


Hmm…perhaps it’s a sign we should all stay calm and keep in mind the true reason we go to so much effort in celebrating such a memorable day.