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04th Nov 2022

Barista slated after they refused a pregnant woman caffeine

'But it's bad for the baby'.

Anna O'Rourke

This is shocking.

The list of things that pregnant women aren’t allowed to have seems to be ever-expanding, making the nine months of growing a human inside your even trickier than it should be.

Worse again are people who seem to think they know what’s best for pregnant women – as comedian Tiffany Stevenson found out.

She revealed that a barista in a Starbucks she was in in the UK tried to keep a customer from having a caffeinated macchiato because she was pregnant.

Tiffany detailed the entire encounter in a Twitter thread, describing it as an “unbelievable bit of womb bothering”.

She eventually jumped in to defend the woman, who had told the barista that she had one coffee a day.

The thread has caused consternation online and prompted a response from Starbucks.

In a statement to Fox News, a spokesperson said the brand trusts its customers “to make the decisions that are right for them”.

“We are investigating as a matter of priority.

“As a matter of policy, we trust our customers to make the decisions that are right for them.

“We’re concerned to hear about this experience, which isn’t reflective of the service we aim to provide our customers.”

So how much caffeine is safe to have during pregnancy?

There are different schools of thought but most agree that around 200mg, the equivalent of one small coffee, is fine.

That’s not really the point here, though.