Be wary of cannabis jelly sweets this Halloween, FSAI warns parents 9 months ago

Be wary of cannabis jelly sweets this Halloween, FSAI warns parents

"Putting young children’s health at risk"

Halloween is just around the corner and trick-or-treating can finally go ahead.

However, health experts are urging parents to be extremely cautious this Halloween.

There are concerns about cannabis jelly sweets being accidentally consumed by children.

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland told parents to be vigilant this Halloween.

The FSAI said adults and teens are ordering the illegal products online for personal use.

“They have no understanding of the real health dangers of these products and are careless or reckless in putting young children’s health at risk by allowing them access to these products."

“The prevalence of these edible products containing THC in communities and schools around the country is a growing cause for concern.


"Parents and guardians should be extra vigilant during festivities such as Halloween where parties will be underway.

"The risk of accidental consumption of these products is considerably higher."

6 kids were admitted to Temple Street hospital with cannabis poisoning this year.

5 of the children were less than 6-years-old, doctors confirmed.

Doctors added that one of the children suffered a seizure.

Two patients were discharged after 12 hours and four were admitted to a ward.

One child was moved to ICU.

The FSAI explained that a lot of these products look like normal children's sweets so being extra vigilant is a must.

The sweets often have "uncontrolled concentrations of THC".

Parents must be aware of the signs of cannabis poisoning including dilated pupils, confusion, vomiting, and in severe cases, seizures and coma.

Other side effects include slowed breathing, muscle weakness, slurred speech, lethargy, and agitation.