Growing concerns about illness that is a mix of chickenpox and scarlet fever 1 year ago

Growing concerns about illness that is a mix of chickenpox and scarlet fever

Cases are rising in the UK.

Parents in the UK are being warned about an illness spreading rapidly in children.

It is believed there is an illness circulating that is like a combination of chickenpox and scarlet fever.

The UK Health Security Agency revealed that there have been over 3,400 cases of scarlet fever between last September and March 2022.

This is a stark rise compared to a total of 8,605 in the last five years.

With both scarlet fever cases and chickenpox spreading rapidly, doctors are now worried about the combination of the two infections.

They fear it will be harder to treat children with two illnesses.

But what are the symptoms?

Scarlet fever tends to affect children under the age of 10.


Symptoms include a rash, sore throat, fever, flushed cheeks, as well as a swollen tongue.

Your tongue can develop a white coating, which then peels and causes 'strawberry tongue'.

Most children tend to suffer from a mild condition, but there are complications associated with scarlet fever.

These include ear infections, throat abscesses, pneumonia, kidney, and even heart damage.

Warning from doctors

Doctors are worried that the bacteria that causes scarlet fever could worsen chickenpox cases.

Speaking about reducing the spread of both illnesses, Dominic Mellon said being aware of the symptoms is essential.

"It is important to take antibiotics, if prescribed by a GP, to minimise the risk of complications and spread to others.

He told The Mirror that all parents should be aware of the symptoms.

"We are reminding parents and carers to be aware of the symptoms of scarlet fever."

Anyone with symptoms should practice good hand hygiene and avoid sharing cups and utensils with others.

They should also cover their nose and mouth when coughing/sneezing.

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