Should you go to work if your child has chickenpox? All you need to know 2 weeks ago

Should you go to work if your child has chickenpox? All you need to know

What is the advice for close contacts?

Chickenpox is a disease that is extremely common among children, and most will develop it within the first few years of their lives.

It is extremely contagious and spreads rapidly among children, which can often leave parents questioning if they should go into work if they notice the rash on their little one.

The HSE has urged parents to beware of the symptoms of chickenpox. If your child presents with the symptoms then they should not attend creche or school until the virus has run its course.

The virus is incredibly infectious and spreads easily in childcare settings.

The main symptom to be aware of is red spots. The spots can appear anywhere on your child's body. They tend to become extremely itchy after 12- 14 hours.

When it comes to the question at hand, the HSE says that anyone who has developed the symptoms should stay off school or work until they have passed, meaning when the spots have scabbed over.

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If your child has chickenpox and you have already had it in your lifetime, you will have developed antibodies to the infection and are immune to catching it again.

The varicella-zoster virus, which causes chickenpox, can however remain dormant in your system and cause shingles later in life.

Parents are allowed to go to work if their child has chickenpox as long as they are getting the care they need and they themselves have had it or are vaccinated against it.

It is not necessary to isolate if you are a close contact of chickenpox - given that it is so common.

While there are no rules in place to stop contact with those with chickenpox from going to work - especially if they are immune - it is always important to be cautious.

Chickenpox can cause complications in newborns, pregnant people, and those with weak immune systems.

If you think you have caught the virus from your child, and could spread it, it is best to speak with your GP.


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