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Children's health

17th Oct 2023

The medical mistake many parents are making without realising

Kat O'Connor

Parents may be giving their children too much medicine without realising.

Medical experts are warning parents about administering medicine via syringes.

The team at CPR kids has urged parents to be wary of how much medicine their children are taking, especially if they’re using a syringe.

There are so many different types of syringes that come with children’s medicine and understanding the way they work isn’t easy.

Having a sick child is one of the most stressful things, and seeing them so poorly can leave parents feeling stressed and upset.

Parents using double-barrelled syringes to administer medicine can often make this mistake. It’s important to know that no parent is perfect and CPR kids are not shaming anyone.

Their aim is to help and educate parents rather than make them feel guilty.

They explained that syringes with a smaller inner barrel, as well as a wider outer barrel, can result in your administering the wrong dosage.

In the image, the wide barrel is filled to 5ml with medicine, but the smaller barrel reads 3.5 ml.

CPR Kids explained:

“It is so easy to make mistakes with the number of different syringe types out there – especially when you are tired, with a screaming baby, at 3 a.m.”

“We’ve got your back. This visual is a clear demonstration of how to read the correct dosage, on this type of syringe.”

“We will not tolerate shaming,” the team added.

Parents praised the team for sharing such helpful information, especially new parents.

You should seek emergency medical help immediately if you think your child has consumed too much medicine.