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Children's health

27th Aug 2021

Father who infected all 7 of his kids with Covid and nearly died speaks out

Kat O'Connor

The dad ended up infecting all of his children, aged between 3 and 18, with Covid.

A father of seven has opened up about infecting his seven children with COVID-19.

42-year-old Ben Anderson was unvaccinated when he contracted the virus in June.

He said he was planning on receiving the vaccine but family life and a hectic work schedule got in his way.

The dad said he regretted not getting vaccinated sooner after he ended up fighting for his life in a Kansas City hospital bed.

He explained that he started to experience symptoms like coughing and brain fog in late June and presumed it was a cold.

However, the dad quickly deteriorated and ended up infecting all of his children, aged between 3 and 18, with Covid.

The only member of the family who didn’t test positive was his wife, who was vaccinated.

She rushed her husband to the hospital when she discovered him in the shower, unable to stand.

The dad believes he was lucky as an ICU bed became available for him.

According to The Kansas City Star, the dad was in intensive care, unconscious, and on a ventilator only six weeks ago. His wife Tammy had been contacted by an end-of-life team, but luckily he pulled through.

The dad told the publication: “I can make a statement about my unwillingness to conform, but at what cost? The vaccine clearly is a way to keep us safe. This hole in my neck, the scar anyway, will always be there to remind me of the miracle.”

Speaking about the surge in cases in America, he said: “These nurses, doctors, are overwhelmed. They are doing the best they can but the emergency rooms are so busy with COVID patients they can’t even stop to clean up the vomit from one patient before they get a code blue and have to run because someone is dying.

“They are not showing us that on the nightly news. People don’t get it. This is not the sniffles,” the dad stressed.