Dad Says 'Don't Let Anyone With Coldsores Kiss Your Baby' 7 years ago

Dad Says 'Don't Let Anyone With Coldsores Kiss Your Baby'

Dublin dad Adam Vickery had a stark warning for his friends and family on Facebook this week.

On Thursday lunchtime last week, his five-month old son Logan was a happy and healthy baby.

By Friday night, Adam and his wife Karla were in hospital with a suddenly very sick boy.

The diagnosis? Logan had contracted the herpes virus from suspected contact with an adult who was also a carrier.

Having spent six days in hospital on antibiotics, Logan is thankfully doing very well, but Adam wants as many people to know what they have been through, in order to prevent another baby from getting sick.

"Never let anyone with a coldsore kiss a baby", he said in his online post.

"It is better to be safe than sorry"


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I think it's fair to say that it's always a tricky one to phrase, asking someone to stay away from your small baby if they have a cough, cold or a coldsore, but as Adam has highlighted, if it's better for your baby's health in the end, then it's worth asserting yourself for.

We are glad to hear that little Logan is on the mend!

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