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23rd Mar 2016

Female Athlete Has THE Best Response For Those Who Ask Her About Her Small Boobs


Whether you have small boobs or not, you will appreciate this story.

Professional basketball player Brittney Griner has the perfect response for people who question her about the size of her chest.

Yes, the fact that she has even been asked such a thing is preposterous, but her response is equally epic.

The American athlete explained on Instagram that she used to and still gets asked why she doesn’t have boobs.

Her response is: “Well I was sick one day and I sneezed and them big old things fell off and I lost them!”

She apparently came up with the line in order to protect herself against people who made fun of her but now it’s just a joke that she loves telling.

Brittney added: “I love being naked and I don’t care people seeing this bird chest of mine and making fun of it! Go head! I love myself and I love my body!”

Brittney, we love you!