Gimme gimme. Supplements with superpowers 8 years ago

Gimme gimme. Supplements with superpowers

They might look harmless but these tiny tablets have super- talents. Get these on your desk or into your cupboards quick-smart.

Oskia MSM crop

When the medical community offered Georgie Cleeve, the Oskia co-founder, little hope of returning to sports following a serious knee injury, she turned to research in soft tissue rehabilitation in horses fed MSM, and tried some herself. Not only did it strengthen knee cartilage enough to allow her to complete triathlons, the sulphur compound also cleared up her eczema. So enamoured, she produced her own supply - Oskia Pure MSM Beauty Supplement, €38 at Alternatively, try half a teaspoon of MSM powder in some lemon juice each morning for general wellbeing and help with achy joints and backs.


Pukka Turmeric crop 3


Inflammation and spices go hand-in-hand but not as you’d expect. It’s natural to think the lively combination would cause biological fireworks; Turmeric it seems, has bucked that theory. The pacifying plant contains polyphenol pigment, curcumin, which exhibits an anti-inflammatory response. For those with chronic immune diseases like arthritis and heart disease, Pukka Wholistic Turmeric, €16.90 at, can help soothe symptoms.



We’ve always extolled the benefits of red wine but to be honest we weren't exactly sure why, except to allow ourselves another guilt-free glass. Resveratrol is a super antioxidant derived from grape skins and lauded for its benefits spanning everything from enhanced memory function to fertility. To get the same concentration from vino would equal hundreds of glasses a day. As much as we would like to do this on the crazy-town days, a bottle of these might suffice Solgar Resveratrol, €27.90 at