Gisele Bündchen has spilled her secret weapon on how to make sure her kids eat healthy 6 months ago

Gisele Bündchen has spilled her secret weapon on how to make sure her kids eat healthy

My morning routine has changed a little after my children come along.

And by "a little" I mean a lot. Obvs.

Pre-kids, my mornings included things like showers and freshly cooked porridge and hot coffee.

Now, though, deep in the trenches of motherhood, things a little more frantic, and I frequently find myself pouring milk over Cheerios as I reheat my coffee for the third time while also trying to GHD my hair into perfect Lauren Conrad-esque waves.

As you do.

Anyway, that is not how things look in Gisele Bündchen's house in the mornings, if you care to know. The supermodel recently shared her morning routine with People, and let's just say it's a little different from what morning looks like in most of our houses, I think.

The kids in the Bündchen/Brady household (Benjamin, 6; Vivian, 3; and stepson Jack, 9) are not wolfing down Cocopops or Kellog's Cornflakes, mamas. Oh no, they are dining on scrambled eggs with gluten-free toast (obvs) and some avocado. Or, if they are in luck, some perhaps coconut yogurt. And once in a while, Bündchen tells People, she'll even whip up gluten-free pancakes.

For herself, however, the supermodel mama reveals she likes to start her day with "lukewarm water and lemon." Then she drinks "homemade green juice" created with "whatever's in the fridge." Obviously, Gisele's fridge is always full of leftovers of the kale and turmeric variety, and not so much the last-night's thai take-out kind that my own fridge often contains.

And for a treat, if little Benjamin and Vivian and Jack are screaming for something sweet (if they scream for sweets, I'm not sure if they actually do), Bündchen allows them "an acai bowl with berries and banana." And tells them it's ice cream! And – get this – they believe her and love it!

I'm just not so sure that mine actually would, though, having been exposed to real ice cream first...

Don't get me wrong, I get why Gisele is so into healthy eating. I mean; we all want to raise healthy children. And I do read labels. I shop organic, I try to get my kids to eat fresh fruit and veggies. But I also try not to stress too much about also having the occasional treat – life is all about balance after all, no?

And ultimately, it is my view that the occasional bowl of real ice cream won't kill them. Nor will Cheerios on morning when there is no time for anything else.