Virus causing rare strain of hepatitis in Irish children 11 months ago

Virus causing rare strain of hepatitis in Irish children

One child has died from the rare strain of hepatitis.

Doctors in Ireland believe a rare strain of hepatitis is linked to a virus.

The virus, which is not Covid-19, is usually harmless but has been causing outbreaks of this rare strain over the last few months.

Doctors have grown concerned about the outbreak, but believe they're closer to finding a cause.

32 children have been diagnosed with the rare strain in recent months.

One child has sadly passed away and two others needed liver transplants.

According to The Independent, disease experts are working with hospitals to uncover the cause.

They're also working alongside public health departments.


Recent studies claim the rare strain could be linked to an adeno-associated virus, but this theory has not yet been confirmed.

Doctors have reassured parents that cases are rare, but knowing the symptoms is key.

Parents have been told to be aware of the symptoms of hepatitis.

The main symptoms include jaundice, a fever, diarrhea, as well as respiratory issues.

Children also may suffer from gastrointestinal issues.

Parents have been told to alert their doctor immediately if their child has symptoms.

Experts stressed that you should not delay in contacting a health professional.