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12th Jul 2018

Here’s a novel way to get your kids drinking more water

Louise Carroll

Brought to you by STAYpure AquaNu ceramic.

It’s becoming increasingly important, especially with the sunny, hot weather that’s in it.

We know how hard it can be getting kids to eat their vegetables, but something that’s not talked about as much is how difficult it can be to get them drinking water.

Just think of all the times they ask for a sweet, sugary or flavoured drink instead of pure, clean, healthy water.

Sugar is addictive, that’s for sure, and we’re increasingly being told of the harm it causes. But another reason kids prefer soft drinks is because water can often have a not-so-appealing taste to it – think chlorine and stale smells. Young children have quite different sensitivities to taste and smell, which alters as they mature.

Well, this may be the answer you’ve been looking for. The folks at AquaNu have created the STAYpure ceramic water purifier, and it’s utterly genius.

After years of extensive research they have developed a product with worldwide importance that gives you the means to easily raise and maintain standards of the purity and tastiness of your water. Just let the kids tell you the difference!

Because it prevents bacteria and adsorbs lots of soluble impurities, it makes water taste better (it adsorbs taste-altering minerals and chemicals)! It banishes chlorine and nasty smells, AND it does all this over and over again for around 2,000 refills. (Woohoo!)

Fluoride and chlorine are just some of the chemicals that can often be added to our drinking water. Chlorine can react with organic matter in water to produce THMs (trihalomethanes). Some studies even suggest a link between these and cancer, after we’ve endured long-term exposure (HSE).

Various pesticides, herbicides, drugs and more may survive water treatment, while heavy metals can also dissolve from the supply pipework into drinking water. Even storage tanks can leach chemicals into our water.

All of this means our water quality, and our health, is potentially compromised. And after all, our body depends on us being able to provide it with the very best water possible.

Our body’s organs and tissues are made of cells – and cells are 70 percent water. Good water is crucial for good health – digestion, weight-loss, kidney function, our muscles, our immune system, etc. So yep, water matters A LOT, and for countless amounts of reasons.

The STAYpure ceramic promises to banish all the nasties mentioned above and it’s SO easy to use. You simply drop it in and leave it to do the work. It can be used in any bottle, jug, glass or even your coffee maker at home. So the kids can even bring it to school in their water flasks – easy-peasy. And it lasts and lasts.

It sounds too good to be true, BUT, it’s actually just genius.

So, to help start us off on our journey to pure water health –  STAYpure is offering a superb discount to our HerFamily readers. Order just one or get one each for all the family. They make great presents for the health conscious too if you want something novel.

Staypure pods are priced at €9.95 each and are available below.

Brought to you by STAYpure AquaNu ceramic.

We have an exclusive offer for Her readers so you can now get one pod for €9.95 plus shipping (reduced from €15.95). To avail of this offer or to find more information, check out the STAYpure website.

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