DIY Healthcare: At-home fertility testing launches in Ireland tomorrow 8 months ago

DIY Healthcare: At-home fertility testing launches in Ireland tomorrow

Is at-home testing the future of fertility care?

Femtech startup, Hertility launches in Ireland on Thursday 21st July, marking another seismic shift into at-home healthcare.

Testing our sexual health and having our teeth straightened via the post is nothing new, and the last two years made online GP appointments and even virtual physiotherapy the norm.

Hertility now promises the opportunity to take control of our hormones and fertility from home.

Hailing from Cork, London-based Dr Helen O’Neill joined forces with her twin sister Deirdre O’Neill and Co-Founder Dr Natalie Getreu to launch Hertility with the aim of making reproductive and fertility care accessible to as many people as possible.

The service offers at-home testing, treatment and aftercare and after successfully launching in the UK, the founders are taking their first step towards global expansion — but first, they're bringing it home to Ireland.


Right now, over 30,000 Irish women are waiting for gynaecological appointments — 50% of them are waiting more than six months. At home testing will mean care when you need it, in as little as ten days.

Hertility's testing system can flag nine of the most common gynaecological conditions and indicate fertility decline as well as the onset of menopause - all without leaving your house.

Speaking about what is clearly a passion project for the three women they said: "We are on a mission to revolutionise women's reproductive health.

"We call this the Mother Of All Movements . We want to close the gender health gap through innovative solutions and widely available educational content."

95% of people say they were not taught about menstrual cycles in school