Living my best life: 10 wellness discoveries I refuse to LIVE without now 2 years ago

Living my best life: 10 wellness discoveries I refuse to LIVE without now

Wellness – it's such a buzz word right now.

An umbrella term for a lot of different things – and one that is definitively slapped on a lot of products these days, knowing fine well the world is currently obsessed with all things wellness.

I take wellness to mean something that makes me feel well. Whether it is an exercise I am doing, or a supplement I am taking or a podcast I am listening to or a face oil that makes my skin glow  – anything and everything, really, that somehow enhance my life and make me feel good.

Like a better version of my old self. Or that in a way adds a little sparkle to my day. Because, let's face it, at this stage, sure we could all do with more of that.

And right now, I am more than a little obsessed with these 10:

1. R+Co Crown Scalp Scrub Treatment

My scalp can sometimes – especially this time a year – start feeling very dry, irritated and itchy. I swear, I actually thought I had head lice a few weeks ago, I was scratching that much. But then I friend recommended I try this scalp scrub – and honestly, it is amazing.

The scrub is designed to detox and re-balance your scalp, and uses Kaolin, Salicylic Acid and Ecuadorian Ivory Palm Seed Powder to do just that. The formula helps absorb excess oil, reduce build-up and gently exfoliate. And my scalp feels totally soothed and back to normal. Oh, and it helps that it smells divine too.

€39, Net-a-Porter


2. Kotanical Pure Focus Rollerball

I don't know about you, but I sometimes feel like it can be hard to keep my flow and concentration when working from home – which, it seems, we'll all be doing for the foreseeable future.

When I start to feel my attention drift these days, I go make myself a coffee, then apply some of this gorgeous Pure Focus Rollerball from Kotanical to my wrists and temples. Another trick, when I really need a little lift, is to apply it to my palms, gently rub my hands together, then Ppace over my nose and breathe deeply for a minute.

€22, Kotanical


3. Somega Liposomal Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that neutralises free radicals, stimulates collagen production, is anti-inflammatory – meaning it can help with acne, and can help with hyper-pigmentation. In other words; we should all be making sure we get enough vitamin C into us.

I recently discovered the amazing products from Somega (the kids and I are both equally obsessed with their super-tasty Vitamin D drops!), and love adding this powerful Liposomal Vitamin C into my morning smoothie these days for a hit of pure health.



4. Lumie Bodyclock Spark 100

Two words: Game. Changer.

I love getting up really early (5.30 is my get-up time) because I need to have some me-time in the morning, and it enables me to get a yoga session in, shower and have breakfast ready before my children even get up.

However, I think we can all agree, getting up that early when it is pitch dark outside and in your room is hard AF sometimes. OK, most times.

Enter the Lumie Bodyclock alarm clock, which wakes you with a gradual sunrise to feel naturally refreshed and wide awake.

sounds amazing? It is.

The alarm clock mimics the subtle light and colour changes of sunrise and sunset – meaning, a brightening sunrise alarm wakes you, while a fading sunset creates a relaxing mood at bedtime.


€85, Lumie



5. Ere Perez Papaya SOS Marmelade

This is my desert island product – hands down.

This soothing-all marmalade balm will rescue your skin with a nourishing cocktail of coconut, hemp, chia, grapefruit oil and fermented papaya , which will all help bring essential antioxidants and vitamins to the skin. I am not kidding when I say I bring this jar with me everywhere. Because I really do. The ultra-repairing formula is perfect for anything, from soothing any little abrasions, skin freakouts, dryness, insect bites, dry skin or scars.

€31, The Clean Beauty Edit


6. Lululemon Foam Roller Mini

I love-love-love this – and if you haven't tried foam rolling yet, you need to try! Especially if you tend to feel a bit sore after a workout or just want to give your facia a good going over. Perfect also for releasing that post-sweat tension in your back, arms, and legs.

€48, Lululemon

7. Advanced Nutrition Probiotics Powder

I have tried so, so many different probiotics over the years, and this one is the best one – no doubt. I love how it comes in powder form, so I can just mix it into porridge, yoghurts, smoothies – you name it.

The gut, of course, plays a very large part in taking in food and digesting it and then distributing all the nutrients to your body. Live bacteria is an important part of this process and the live bacteria in Advanced Nutrition Programme Probiotics ensures that the digestive system is in tip-top condition and hence the rest of the body is too.

Note – which is even more important this time a year perhaps – the probiotics supplement is also fab for the immune system and to ward off infection and colds and flu.



8. The Bottle by Rudolph Care x AYAIDA

Yes, it is "only" a drinking bottle, but it is so pretty, it will no doubt easier to remember to drink water during the day.

I love how you can refill this bottle with fresh tap water over and over and make a conscious choice for our shared planet – in fact, filling your bottle with tap water emits 900 times less CO2 compared to getting the same amount of water from a supermarket.

For every bottle sold the AYAIDA Foundation donates 100 liters of clean water to children in need through UNICEF.

€24, Rudolph Care

9. Amurelle Breeze Linen Bedding Bundle

Linen is a natural fabric, meaning it breathes. Sleeping in linen will ensure you stay warm – but not too warm, and yet, will also keep you cool when the weather is hot. I love the slightly boho look of linen bedding too, and trust me on this: You will sleep as you have never slept before.


It's like sinking into a cloud every night.

From €229,

10. White Witch Candle by Anu Earth

It doesn't feel like evening to me until I have candles lit. And right now, I am obsessed with this gorgeous, gorgeous candle from Anu – locally-made here in Rathfarnham, Dublin. The eco-friendly soy wax candle is fragranced naturally with essential oils of camomile and sage.