Meet Ireland's Sexperts: we get the inside scoop on conscious sexuality 5 years ago

Meet Ireland's Sexperts: we get the inside scoop on conscious sexuality

Conscious sexuality has arrived in Ireland.

Irish people can now book one on one sessions with Sexological experts, take a Tantra or conscious kink workshop or even book a ‘sacred escort’.

Sound intriguing? Meet some of the people involved here in Ireland and hear what they have to offer…

Dakini Jayde is a Tantra practitioner working in Cork City.

“People come to me who've grown tired of a lack of connection in their sexual life and now want to find another way through Tantra and Conscious Sexuality and find a deeper meaning in their expression of love or sexuality.”

“My work creates a safe space for people to explore their sexuality, their parameters and eventually even maybe pushing their boundaries a little more so they become comfortable in truly expressing themselves and asking for what they want.”

Dakini Jayde spoke about what clients could expect from a session with her,

“Presence. The understanding of conscious touch, how that lands on the body and ultimately how that reactivates the energetic bodies and emotions and leads to expansion and bliss. Learning to surrender to our own desires.”

Kai Helmich, originally from Germany, divides his time between Ireland and the U.K. He’s a Somatic Sex Educator, Relationship Coach and Sexological Bodyworker. Kai offers a range of different services from self-love work to Conscious escorting.

“I have a diverse range of clients that I work with. Shame being the foremost reason people come to me, even though people don't realize that it is shame that keeps them stuck. I mean who is not affected  by shame and guilt? But shame is the big problem that one cannot any longer ignore. Sometimes we have to walk away and follow our hearts longing instead of saying "Ahhh yeah for sure, its grand" and keep accepting the circumstances that moulds ones existence. Here is where the crucial aspect of a shame and guilt free sexuality comes in. Sexual energy is creative energy. My passion is to reconnect those that have forgotten that the creative source resides inside themselves and is there to be tapped into if consciously nurtured, grown and worked with.”

“I feel over and over again the desire (of my clients) to break out and free themselves from the social, family and religious expectations that are instilled. What shows up again and again is the communicating, negotiating, upholding and enforcing of boundaries. And when a person can trust himself/herself in having intact and strong boundaries one can finally give oneself permission to express his/ her own individuality, gifts and blessings. No matter what the “Jones's or neighbours” might think or say.”


Kai runs free/ by donation talks on his work once a month at the Harvest Moon in Dublin.

Kai Helmich

Rebecca Lowrie is a ‘Sexual Alchemist’, who has clients all over the world and regularly runs workshops in Ireland.

“Conscious sexuality is bringing your full awareness or consciousness to what you’re doing. In this case, how you express your sexuality or who you are as a sexual being. In more depth, there are many practices, tools and resources, many from the world of Tantra, that help to clear conditioning, fear, shame and guilt around sexuality so that ‘who-you-really-are’ can emerge and claim it’s freedom and expression in healthy, loving and joy giving ways.”

“Using my innate, intuitive sense of sexuality along with my formal training and years of personal exploration, I’m able to help clients to connect to their sexuality and sexual power, in deep and mysterious ways. I am a catalyst for deep transformation and sexual awakening.”

Curious about those who are interested in conscious sexuality, I asked Rebecca about the demographic it attracts.

“All kinds of people attend! People vary in age, background, interests, religion and experience. If there was a common thread I’d say that it was people who have always known intuitively that sex and sexuality were about much more than just sex and that sex has the capacity to be so much more than we were ever conditioned to believe.”

“I tend to use a range of things from breathing techniques to energy healing to massage and various types of touch and more. Most sessions include a combination of discussion and working with/through/on the body in some way. All sessions are totally consensual and no one is ever made to do something they are not comfortable with.”

Dakini Jayde believes there are “several thousand” people involved with the conscious sexuality movement in Ireland today, reflecting a wider societal change towards being more open about and in touch with sexuality and sexual desires.

Rebecca Lowrie says the movement is “a widespread community of people that are supportive, loving and curious to explore. New ideas, collaborations, friendships, opportunities and possibilities start to open up as you expand your self-awareness and meet others doing the same.”

Rebecca Lowrie

If you’re intrigued to explore Conscious Sexuality you can contact:

Dakini Jayde at

Kai Helmich at or

Rebecca Lowrie at