Mums can't be sick! 6 signs you're getting a cold - and what to do about it 4 years ago

Mums can't be sick! 6 signs you're getting a cold - and what to do about it

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It's the only full-time, 365-day-a-year senior management role that doesn't include holidays or sick pay, so when a mum starts feeling under-the-weather, she needs a quick fix... and fast.

With a household to run and a gaggle of kids to taxi to soccer, ballet, gymnastics and a never-ending cycle of birthday parties, the last thing you need is a ghastly case of the shivers and a sore throat.

Sadly, however, illness is often unavoidable.

What you can do is spot the symptoms and treat them early to help you stay as comfortable as possible while the infection or virus runs its course.

Here are six signs you're coming down with something nasty... and what to do about it if it strikes.

Low fever or chills

Feeling a little hot under the collar? Your temperature might be on the rise. A mild fever is a sign that your body is fighting an infection and you immune system has kicked into gear. Slice some fresh ginger into a mug of hot water (ginger's antibacterial properties are well documented) and step up your water intake, sipping a large bottle throughout the day to help flush out your system.


Stuffy nose

Blocked sinuses and a stuffy nose are the classic cold symptoms but they don't necessarily have to throw you off your schedule. Pick up a handy spray like Septanazal, which reduces the swelling and inflammation in the lining of the nasal mucosa, allowing you to breathe a little easier, and keep it in the car or in your handbag. Popping a little Vaseline on your nose each time you blow will stop it from becoming red and sore, while a hot, steamy shower will soothe your symptoms before bed.

Aching limbs

Does your car seat suddenly feel uncomfortable? Is your favourite sweater irritating your skin? Body aches that appear out of nowhere are often the first sign of 'Flu so pay close attention to how you're feeling in the coming hours. Take an over-the-counter pain killer and try your best to go to bed early, preferably at the same time as the kids. Rest will help your body to fight the virus.

Loss of appetite

Is your morning scone looking strangely unappealing? Doctors note that the body often frees up some of the energy normally reserved for digestion to fuel the immune system when it's fighting a cold. This means your appetite has been sidelined until your body deals with the current threat. Even if you're not hungry, do at least try to sip a nutritious smoothie or a soup or broth. Not only will it keep you hydrated, but adding a chilli or some turmeric could even speed up your recovery.

Scratchy throat

Easily confused with the effects of shouting at your kids in the playground, a sore throat usually starts off feeling ticklish or scratchy. Sipping a homemade soup made with plenty of garlic can help while gargling with salt water can ease discomfort too.


Upper respiratory tract infections can really screw up your plans and leave you exhausted. Aim to kill your cough with kindness in the early stages to stop it from worsening (this is one area where ignorance is not bliss). Staying super hydrated is key here so keep on gulping down that mineral water and hot tea with lemon and honey to ease the irritation. If your cough is keeping you up at night, consider an over-the-counter cough suppressant to help you sleep.

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