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Children's health

18th Feb 2022

Nurse issues urgent warning to parents about harmful bath toys

Kat O'Connor

This mum found something pretty gross when she cut open her child’s bath toy.

A nurse has issued a serious warning to parents about harmful bath toys. They may look perfectly fine from the outside, but she explained that some toys have dangerous mould on the inside.

The pediatric nurse advised parents to inspect their children’s bath toys before letting them play with them during bath time. She explained she made quite the gruesome discovery inside of her child’s Bluey bath toys.

There was a major build-up of mould inside the toy her children often played with.

They wrote, “We noticed some black spots in the water when our kids were playing with these bath squirters… they were only a couple of months old and we emptied them after every bath.”

The mum explained that she noticed bits of mould in her bath. She then cut open the Bluey toy and found mould inside.

“It’s a great reminder of how quickly and fiercely mould can grow, even if you clean/empty toys as best you can after baths!

“Kids are kids, they get exposed to all sorts of germs and bacteria – we can’t wrap them in bubble wrap!

“But constant exposure to mould – especially if you have littlies who love to drink bathwater like it’s soup – can be dangerous.

Parents have been told to give their children bath toys that don’t retain water. This will prevent water from getting inside the toys in the first place.

“Opt for bath toys that don’t retain water. There are many options that can also be pulled apart and washed in the dishwasher, and left to dry between uses.”