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01st Apr 2021

Looking for pain relief for you and your children? We’ve got just the answer

Ann Cronin


Brought to you by Easofen

Aches and pains are a common complaint in every household.

Headaches, flus, strains and sprains – there’s an endless list of causes for pain and discomfort among children and adults alike.

And while they often turn out to be short-term problems, the discomfort they cause can be difficult to cope with no matter what age you are.

A good pain relief solution can be one of the best ways of easing these symptoms quickly and effectively. Easofen have a wide range of pain relief and fever-reducing medication to suit the whole family, from babies (3+ months)* and toddlers right up to older kids and adults.

The range includes ibuprofen suspensions and tablets tailored for different age groups, ensuring age appropriate pain relief is on hand for the entire family.

Easofen for Children Strawberry Oral Suspension

Easofen for Children 3+ months is suitable for infants and toddlers aged over 3 months* and provides relief from common sources of pain such as:

  • Teething pains
  • Headaches
  • Ear aches
  • Sore throats
  • Flu symptoms.

Easofen for Children 6+ years is suitable for children aged from 6 years and provides relief from pain and fever. The delicious strawberry taste is sure to go down a treat with kids and all packs come with a syringe for easy and accurate dosing. Both are gluten-free and it’s worth noting that it’s free from artificial colours and sugars too.

Easofen 200mg & Easofen Max Strength 400mg film-coated tablets

You’ll be delighted to hear that Easofen isn’t just for kids, as the range has options for adults and adolescents too.

The 200mg tablets can be used to relieve common complaints among adults and children over the age of 12 such as:

  • Headaches
  • Dental pain
  • Period pains
  • Muscle strain
  • Cold and flu symptoms.

Staying with adults and teenagers, the Easofen Max Strength 400mg tablets provide stronger pain relief for issues such as backache, muscular pain, dental pain and period pain.

The entire Easofen range is available in pharmacies nationwide, making it the ideal pain relief solution for both children and adults alike.

Easofen tablets and Easofen for Children Strawberry Oral Suspension contain Ibuprofen and provide pain and fever relief for babies* and children.  Available in pharmacy only. Always read the label. For more information on pain-relief and Easofen products, click here.

 *Easofen for Children Strawberry 100mg/5ml is for infants from 3+ months and should only be given to infants aged 3-6 months who weigh more than 5kg.

Brought to you by Easofen