Mum explains why you should never let children eat in the car 1 year ago

Mum explains why you should never let children eat in the car

A paramedic has urged parents to stop letting kids eat in the car.

She stressed that this is extremely dangerous and is one of her own parenting non-negotiables.

Posting on the informative Tiny Hearts Education Instagram page, the mum said that you should never let your child eat in the car especially if they're in a car seat in the back.

She explained why: "One of my parenting non-negotiables is no eating in the car unless I'm in the back and keeping an eye on them."

"Remember guys- choking is silent. If you're driving and concentrating on the road you are not going to hear it and not going to be aware, especially when your little one is rearward facing," she said.

"Choking is silent. Choking is more common than you think," she wrote.

The paramedic stressed that choking is time-critical.


Parents praised the mum for sharing such helpful advice.

The paramedic stressed that this is something all parents need to be aware of. "There has been situations where kids have choked on food or toys etc and the parents have only realised once they arrive at their destination when it’s too late. It’s a personal decision for you to make when you are comfortable and also the type of food they are eating."

One admitted this is something she didn't even think about until she watched the video.

Another shared, "My middle child choked in the car. I saw him right away because we weren’t actually driving, but he was in his chair. And the time it took me to get out, run to his door, get him out of my chair with my shaking hands and start back blows was far too long for my comfort."