Parents told not to worry about monkeypox as cases are rare in children 1 year ago

Parents told not to worry about monkeypox as cases are rare in children

Cases are extremely rare in children.

Health officials have reassured parents about the current monkeypox outbreak.

They have told them that cases in children are extremely rare.

It is believed the chances of children being affected by the current outbreak are low.

Speaking to Metro, Dr. David Porter said: "As a parent with a child that might develop a rash, I don’t think parents should be worried about this being… monkeypox at this stage, because we’re seeing a very low number of cases."

He explained that children with a rash most likely have chickenpox or hand, foot, and mouth disease.

The pediatric infectious diseases consultant's words will certainly ease parents' worries.

Dr. Porter stressed that adults are more likely to be infected.

"In all the previous outbreaks that have occurred outside of Africa over the last few years, we’ve seen very rare numbers of cases in children."


However, medical experts have advised all members of the public to be aware of the symptoms.

A case has yet to be confirmed in Ireland, but experts believe it is only a matter of time before a case of monkeypox is confirmed here.

The HSE has set up a team of experts to help manage potential cases.

Scotland, France, and Germany reported their first cases in recent days.

Cases in the UK have also risen substantially.

The first symptoms include fever, headache, and muscle pains. People may also experience swollen lymph nodes and tiredness. This is then followed by a rash.

The rash forms white blisters which eventually crust over. Symptoms can last from 2 to 4 weeks.