Traces of polio virus discovered in England 7 months ago

Traces of polio virus discovered in England

The threat to the public is currently low.

Traces of the polio virus have been discovered in England.

A national incident has been declared by the UK's Health Security Agency.

It is believed traces of the virus were found during an inspection in a sewer in London.

The risk to the public is currently extremely low, but they have advised people to be aware of the signs of polio.

An investigation has been launched to analyse public transmission.

Experts believe a family in the northeast of London spread the virus to their close contacts.

It is understood that they are now shedding the type 2 poliovirus strain in their feces.

What are the symptoms of polio?


The main symptoms caused by polio include fever, muscle stiffness, and vomiting.

People may also experience headaches, a sore throat, and stomach aches.

However, in extreme and rare cases, some people may experience temporary or permanent paralysis.

According to the HSE, most people do not display symptoms and therefore won't know they're infected.

The virus has not been recorded in Ireland since 1984. The polio virus used to be extremely common.

Cases have fallen dramatically since the introduction of the polio vaccine in 1957.

"The infection is still found in some parts of the world. Because of this, there is a very small risk that polio could be brought back to Ireland," the HSE stated.

Anyone who is not vaccinated is at risk of contracting the polio virus.

The vaccine is offered for free in Ireland. People are typically vaccinated when they are under 6 months. They're then vaccinated when they are aged 4 or 5.

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