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19th Oct 2019

Post-pregnancy hair loss: Klorane’s €30 miracle spray that should be on your shopping list

Trine Jensen-Burke

Your hair is falling out in clumps, and you’re starting to panic.

Sounds familiar?

Hair loss after pregnancy is quite common. In fact, according to the HSE, the condition – medically referred to as ‘telogen effluvium’ – affects as many as four out of 10 women who have given birth in the previous three months.

Just FIY: when you haven’t just had a baby, losing about 80 hairs a day is normal, but many new mums shed about 400 hairs a day. No wonder you feel like your hair is looking both thinner and limper than normal. By six months postpartum, however, most experts say the hair loss should slow to pre-pregnancy amounts.

In the meantime, there are steps you can take to really give your hair some TLC.

First of all, make sure you eat well. When it comes to thick, healthy hair, the most important diet-related step you can take is to fill your plate with nutrition-dense, healthy whole foods, colourful fruit and vegetables, plant-based protein and good fats, like nuts, avocado and oily fish, like salmon.

And then comes to next step – finding a product that helps heal your hair, making it stronger, bouncier and shining with health.

What is that miracle product, I hear you ask?

I have recently been testing the Klorane’s new Keratin Strength fortifying spray, and guys – my hair has actually never been fuller, and looked better. So much so that when I went to my hairdresser recently, she asked me what I have been doing differently and ‘how my hair could be that much thicker’, as she noticed a real difference!

Which leads me to believe this spray could be the perfect investment product for any mew mum suffering with postpartum hair loss.

I have long been a fan of Klorane, and its clean approach to beauty. This spray is not only chock-a-block with some amazingly effective natural ingredients, like a quinoa caffeine complex, but it also really delivers a hit of goodness to your hair by providing essential nutrients to the core of the hair fibre.

Vitamins 3, B5, B6 and B8, and plant-based keratin work together to repair and give strength to your hair. And for maximum effect, the clever people at Klorane recommend that once you apply the leave-in spray to your hair, you massage it in.

And so as per their instructions, I did, starting with the back of my head, moving onto the temples and then the top of my head, and then just left it. I don’t know if it was the spray or the head massage, but I could almost feel a tingly sensation in my scalp, not unpleasant, but more a sign of the spray doing its thing.

After using it for a few weeks, it has really made a visible difference to my hair, and I have found a go-to product I can use alongside my normal haircare routine to make sure my hair stays healthy, strong and super-full looking.