There is a really good reason this €7 sleep mask is one of Amazon's best-sellers right now 2 years ago

There is a really good reason this €7 sleep mask is one of Amazon's best-sellers right now

Struggling to sleep these days?

Between the sticky weather and the bright evenings, many of us are finding it hard to drift off come bedtime.

If this sounds familiar, this light-blocking sleep mask might just be what you have been looking for.

According to Amazon, this £6.59 Gritin Sleep Mask is a best-seller, with more than 7.000 happy customers raving over the mask.


So what is it about this 'life-changing' mask that other sleep masks don't have?

According to Amazon, the Gritin sleep mask is made from natural, lightweight cotton filled into pure mulberry silk fabric, meaning it is super-comfortable to wear and won't feel hot or sticky on your skin as these are natural, breathable fabrics.


Here are just some of the glowing reviews about it:

"I'm not a fan of eye masks usually and would only resort to using one if I knew there is definitely some sort of commotion that will be about me when I try to go to sleep. Like a friends holiday or on a plane. The eye mask is larger than most, so it will cover part of your face like a little black blanket. The elastic is strong yet adjustable so it is convenient for all shapes of heads. The material is really exceptionally soft. I did not expect that level of softness hugging my eye sockets. Very little to no light permeates this material, so you can be sure to enjoy a moments or nights sleep with this on. Very comfortable, and highly recommended."

Another happy customer wrote:

"Very soft & comfy to wear. Hardly notice the sliding fitting at back which easily tightens/loosens the fit. I slept better than I have in ages because the mask stopped a considerable amount of light, didn't move while I slept & was so comfy to wear I didn't constantly feel I was wearing it. Very good product & value. I've also gently hand washed in cold water with very gentle hand soap & air dried flat naturally - totally kept its shape & size."

Many are impressed at the mask's light-blocking abilities.

"I have used quite a few different sleep masks and it does sound corny when I say, personally speaking, this is the “creme de la creme” of sleep masks.
It’s very comfortable to wear, with an adjustable elasticated headband. The quality and feel of the fabrics used are top-notch and more importantly, if you are looking for a complete blackout sleep mask then look no further. This mask also comes with a lifetime guarantee!! There are not many excellent products on the market at this price that offer a lifetime warranty included."