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15th Aug 2018

Sore nipples when breastfeeding? The Body Coach reveals how his wife combats it

Jade Hayden

Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing.

It’s healthy, it gives your baby a load more nutrients than formula, and it’s great for bonding.

However, breastfeeding can also be extremely painful, especially if you’re suffering from cracked and sore nipples.

This pain can be caused from anything from your baby struggling to latch to poor sucking during feeding. Generally, most mothers experience the pain as a sharp stabbing sensation, but what it feels like can also differ from woman to woman.

We don’t know exactly what kind of discomfort Joe Wick’s wife, Rosie, is feeling during breastfeeding, but we do know how she’s combatting it.

Taking to an Instagram Live last night, The Body Coach began a Q&A session with his fans where he answered a lot of questions about fitness, healthy eating, and lots of other things that he’s generally known for.

However, he also told of how Rosie was doing after giving birth to the couple’s first child a few months back.

Wick said that his wife was doing well, although her nipples were sore because she has been breastfeeding. He also said she’d been using some Lansinoh cream so she’s been pretty much OK.

Lansinoh cream, in case you weren’t aware, is a single ingredient cream specifically for relieving nipple pain following breastfeeding.

Mothers simply apply a pea-sized amount of cream after feeding to soothe nipple dryness and cracked skin.

And hey, if it works for Wicks’, we won’t knock it.

Some other things you can do to alleviate nipple pain is hand pump some milk and gently rub it into the nipple area and leave it to air dry.

Similarly, you can massage the nipples with warm fingers as well as using a nipple ointment or cream. This can also be applied using a clean and dry breastpad.

You can read more about pain during breastfeeding here.