The Space Between is running free family Yoga sessions online during shutdown 2 years ago

The Space Between is running free family Yoga sessions online during shutdown

Just what we needed!

It's been a crazy couple of weeks and I'm sure I'm not the only one is starting to run low on ideas when it comes to keeping the kids entertained.

One thing I've been trying to do with my kids is get them outside exercising, especially since they won't be taking part in P.E classes at the moment.

There's been a huge surge in families looking up online tutorials when it comes to children's fitness and The Space Between are right on the ball (no pun intended) when it comes to providing free online classes.

Mindfulness technique

One of Dublin’s most loved community Yoga and events spaces, The Space Between has spearheaded the transition to an online live stream space called The Space Online.

The popular studio already have a full seven day a week Yoga and meditation schedule including family yoga and daily meditations, so absolutely everyone of all ages can get involved.

Yoga in particular is a great way to keep children fit while also helping them to focus on mindfulness and mental health, extremely important at this moment in time as many maybe suffering from separation anxiety and stress.


Taking part in the free online classes could not be simpler.

All you need is a Yoga mat, yourself and a computer.

The classes are a live stream on Zoom, and you can book online as normal via the Mindbody App and then The Space Between team will email you the live link before the class.

All the classes are complimentary (though you can donate if you wish) and are really a great way to give the kids something healthy to do while also creating a positive and meditative space in your home.

Family Yoga will be taking place every morning in two 15 minute classes for all the fam to help break up home schooling.

For more information you can email