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29th Jul 2018

Struggling to sleep? These 3 candles could solve your problem

Orlaith Condon

Strike a match.

From a very young age, we’ve been told repeatedly about the importance of a good night’s sleep. Yes, those precious eight hours have been a daily goal for years, however, even if we do get into bed early, falling asleep can be a struggle.

Tossing and turning for hours, we wake up feeling just as stressed as when we went to bed and all-the-more tired. While most of us know to stop drinking coffee well-before bed (new research suggests we should stop as early as 2pm), and to turn off our devices at least an hour before we hit the sheets, what else can we do to help get some quality Z’s?

Well, experts say your surroundings play a big part in getting a good night’s sleep. From having the right mattress to finding the right temperature, ensuring your room is a relaxing space can be half the battle.

But not all changes have to be major, by simply adding one or two things to your space, you could ease yourself into a quality sleeping routine in no time. For example, finding the right scent can help relax the mind and the body and can even ease respiratory problems.

Light it an hour or so before bed and let the room fill with the relaxing scent, but don’t forget to blow it out before you go to sleep.

Here are three that work wonders.

1. ESPA Restorative Candle – €36

2. Neom Tranquility Candle – €36

3. This Works Deep Sleep Heavenly Candle – €23.75