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14th Jul 2022

Out of after sun? This is the perfect way to soothe sunburn at home

This natural remedy really works.

Orlaith Condon

What a weekend!

We spent our weekend applying layers and layers of suncream, only to wake and find we missed a spot.

Yes, there were a lot of red faces this morning and most of us were left reaching for something to soothe the pain.

However, not all sunburn healing products need to be bought by the chemist – some of them are already in your fridge.

Plain yogurt is filled with tonnes of probiotics and enzymes that are great for healing burnt skin.

Simply cover the burn with a layer of plain yogurt (make sure it’s not vanilla) and leave for five to 10 minutes to work its magic.

Rinse off and you should feel a lot cooler.

You can thank us later!