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16th Jun 2018

This little device promises to banish heavy metals, bacteria and chlorine from our drinking water

And it's under €10!

Louise Carroll

Brought to you by AquaNu STAYpure.

Could it be true?

The company AquaNu has created the very promising STAYpure – a little ceramic capsule that essentially absorbs a lot of nasty stuff that gets into our drinking water or bottled water, affecting taste and freshness.

You can use a STAYpure in any bottle, jug, glass or even your coffee maker.

It prevents bacteria build-up (and the stale taste they bring), absorbs lots of soluble impurities, makes your water taste better (by adjusting taste-altering minerals and chemicals), banishes chlorine and nasty smells, AND it does all this for up to 2,000 refills. (Nice!)

We’re thinking that this little device is VERY cool indeed, especially seeing as we want to do everything in our power to keep toxins and chemicals as far away as possible from our little ones.

Chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine are often added to drinking water, and chlorine can react with organic matter in water to produce THMs (trihalomethanes).  Not only does it smell at times but also does not taste very nice either. Some studies have suggested a link between THM’s and cancer, after long-term exposure (HSE).

In addition, various pesticides, drugs, herbicides and other impurities occasionally survive removal treatments in water also, while trace amounts of heavy metals can dissolve from pipework into the water supply. We definitely don’t want these in our water bottle!

So, with 70 percent of our body being water, it’s essential that we keep our water as clean and fresh as possible, both for ourselves and the kids too.

But with busy schedules and lifestyles, it’s difficult to keep on top of that, especially as it’s something that feels out of our control.

Well, that’s no longer the case. Right now, and for *€9.95 for all HerFamily readers, you can pop a capsule in your own water at work, at home, or in the kids’ flask while they’re at school.

Now, let’s nab ourselves that STAYpure Pod and taste the difference!

Brought to you by AquaNu STAYpure.

We have an exclusive offer for Her readers so you can now get one pod for €9.95 plus shipping (reduced from €15.95). To avail of this offer or to find more information, check out the STAYpure website.

*Special Introductory Price Terms and Conditions: Purchase as many as you like for €9.95. One STAYpure Pod will cost €3 postage, while two STAYpure Pods will cost €5 postage. When purchasing more than three STAYpure Pods, free postage applies. This Special Introductory Offer ends July 15.