My three-year-old went for a Covid test and this is what you should know 1 year ago

My three-year-old went for a Covid test and this is what you should know

This week I had to arrange a Covid test for my daughter.

Last weekend I was made aware that a classmate at my three-year-old's playschool has tested positive for Covid-19.

Because of this all of the children attending the playschool required testing.

My daughter was not displaying any symptoms like a temperature, difficulty breathing, chesty cough or going off her food, but sometimes the symptoms don't always appear so testing is still required.

First off I would skip ringing the hotline as we got a pre-recorded message that told us to ring our GP.

Call your GP straight away for a test. Because it was the weekend we rang DubDoc to arrange my daughter's test.

We gave all the details to the woman at the end of the phone and she arranged a test at the Aviva stadium for the following morning.


The testing center was completely drive-through, we never left the car the entire time.

Someone approached us to administer the test and then took a swab of my daughter's nose.

I won't lie, she wasn't happy about it, but it also didn't hurt her and she was fine once it was over and done with.

After her test I received a call from contact tracing to go over all the next steps including keeping my daughter isolated from anyone outside of our household.

We are currently awaiting her test results but we should have them by the end of today as everyone tested should receive their results within 24 hours.

If her test should come back positive we will all need to be tested and self isolate for two weeks.

For more information see the HSE website.