UVA sun damage is just as permanent as a tattoo, so here's the best way to avoid it 2 years ago

UVA sun damage is just as permanent as a tattoo, so here's the best way to avoid it

Brought to you by Boots Soltan. 

At last, the sunny days are here.

While the sunshine makes it easier for us to arrange picnics, a day at the beach and oodles of outdoor activities with the kids, it also brings risks - namely, sun damage.

We tend to be extra vigilant when heading off on a family holiday abroad, but we also need to take extra care when it comes fully understanding what makes for the best sun protection out there.

Research conducted by Soltan shows that UVA damage that occurs during childhood is just as permanent as getting a tattoo. Those skin cells that burn, are damaged forever.

Nearly a quarter of a persons sun exposure can occur before the age of 18.

While most of us are pretty good at remembering to reapply suncream after a swim, or take measures to wear extra protective clothing like a hat, a survey by Boots Soltan revealed that 20 percent of parents in Ireland* believe UVA damage is short term and lasts no longer than a year.

Many people look only at the SPF rating on a bottle when choosing a sunscreen, but the SPF rating is what protects skin ONLY from UVB (think Ultraviolet 'burn') rays, not UVA (think Ultraviolet 'ageing').

UVB rays are responsible for sunburn and are partially blocked by the earth's ozone layer. UVA rays on the other hand are responsible for sun damage deeper in the skin, below the dermis, and these rays are not absorbed by the ozone layer at all.

To ensure we're protecting kids from UVA rays as well as UVB, make sure to look for 5* rated suncreams, as recommended by the HSE and the Irish Cancer Society. Sun protection like Soltan (available exclusively at Boots) provides 5* protection - perfect for all the family as it offers protection for up to 100 percent of rays.

If we use a suncream with less than this 5* UVA protection, we're risking permanent sun damage, for both ourselves and our little ones.

Many popular suncream brands only offer a 3* UVA rating, which enables around 40 percent of UVA rays to penetrate skin, so be sure to grab the best possible protection for the family this summer, and avoid any long-lasting, permanent damage.

Brought to you by Boots Soltan.

Boots Soltan, exclusively available in Boots stores nationwide and online has been at the forefront of sun protection developments since it launched in 1939. Still continuously improving its range using the latest technology, Boots Soltan is committed to bringing the best sun protection for all individual needs.

*Research was conducted by iReach with a nationally representative body of parents of children aged under 14. The iReach Research Studio software delivers a high level of statistical accuracy. Delivering an overall sample size of over 1,000 interviews, this provides a confidence level of + or – 2.5% at a 95% confidence interval.