Victoria Beckham swears by this 90 second beauty trick every morning 3 years ago

Victoria Beckham swears by this 90 second beauty trick every morning

She runs a fashion empire, constantly jets between continents and have her hands full raising four kids – and still always manages to look the part and appear full of energy.

Which means that whatever Victoria Beckham is doing, is sure seems to be working for her.

And we want in on her secret.

And now, it seems, Harper's Bazaar has spilled the beans for us.

According to the fashion magazine, Mrs Beckham relies on the this genius 90-second shower trick to not only feel more awake first thing, but to also stay healthier, firmer and prettier – which, you know, sounds pretty good to us.

So what is the trick, I hear you wonder.


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Well, according to Harper's Bazaar, instead of taking a long, hot shower when you first get up in the morning, try doing this instead: Blast yourself with cold water for 30 seconds, then with hot water for 30 seconds, and then for a final 30 seconds with freezing water.

(Note: This routine should be at the end of your shower, so wash yourself as usual first in hot water, then end your shower with the cold-hot-cold routine, ending you with a blast of freezing water.)

This might seems terribly uncomfortable, especially this time a year, but experts swear it really works, and that the cold water will not just give you a total wake-up call and boost your energy first thing, but will also help increase blood flow, open up the capillaries, help firm your skin, burn fat and even improve your immune system.